Meet Wrigley, Missy and Polly. They’re my best friends. We came together in the usual way — I needed new friends, and they offered to help me out.

Wrigley is a black Labador. At least mostly. She has long, silky black hair, a sweet nature and a tendency to overeat. She just turned 10! And for her birthday, I brought home two beagles. She is still adjusting.

Missy is 14, and she looks every bit of her years. She’s all beagle, sweet as can be and never happier than when she’s chasing a cat. She’s got quite a few medical issues going on, but we’re getting them fixed, one by one. She wound up in the regional animal pound — a horrible place for anyone to land, but she took it all in stride. She charmed the handlers at the pound, and even though the kennels were filling up and she didn’t seem to most likely to find a new home — they pleaded for someone to give her a second look. And also give a good look to her daughter.

Polly is her daughter, a one-eyed beagle mix who is all energy and wagging tail. She’s either 7 or 8, depending on who you ask. She’s chubby, has very short legs and still can be super fast. Trust me. She ran away the afternoon I brought her home!

Yeah — they had me at woof.

And I haven’t been happier. Wrigley? She’s been happiers, but she’s getting used to her rambunctious new housemates. And Wrigley loves me. So we’re all going to be OK!


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